Biography  Sina Sahelgozin(SGZ)

Director, Filmmaker & Producer


.My name is Sina Sahelgozin. I am a tireless seeker of knowledge

.I was born on April 27,1992 in Tehran-Iran and I currently live in Iran

I started making the video in 2013, and now I’m a director and filmmaker

My job and passion is directing videos and creating special effects; I occasionally work as a graphic designer also

I spend my days making videos and creating graphic models for business of all sizes who are seeking to build their brand internationally

I’m constantly learning and improving my cinematic and design skills and educating everything I know on the 3inFX instagram page and YoutubeChannel


I’m very interested in entrepreneurship, so I established a few stores and a clothing brand and an art gallery

: Some of my skills are

Adobe After Effects .

Adobe Premiere .

Cinema 4D .

DaVinci Resolve .

ZBrush .

Adobe Photoshop .


Web Design .

Branding .

Advertising .

Entrepreneurship .

“Business Support and Social media Service “3ixna .